Web 2.0 is collaboration is the future

Cisco CEO John Chambers gave his vision of the networked future during his “Network + Interop” keynote presentation. He proclaimed that Web 2.0, which he defined broadly as collaboration, is the future. He said:

“We are moving our company as fast as we can to collaboration and Web 2.0. We see the next wave of productivity re-accelerating around the world.”

I totally agree with him. Collaboration will make the difference and it will become a strong requirement for success. Today’s work is increasingly determined by white collar guys, while we see traditional manual labor fading away. Knowledge workers (even those without “white collars”) are today’s main source of GNP, and they are often treated like workers on assembly lines. But they work in a different way. For best results the need more freedom of work, more choices. They work on changing locations,  with changing teams and at changing times.  They need a truly new working environment, enabling collaboration at any time.
The success of today’s team work is highly determined by the knowledge worker’s ability to share whatever they need – wherever they are – whenever they want.

That’s why collaboration is the future. It’s the future of today’s global work. It’s social, it’s community and it’s usability.

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