Animoto photo videos – pure fun for your ordinary flickr collection

June 6, 2008

I’ve recently discovered Animoto, a service that lets you easily create inspiring photo presentations, with music and motion. You just have to deliver some photos from your laptop or from services like flickr, select a music from Animoto or again your laptop, and done. Animoto analyzes both, photos and music and creates a inspiring video which you can distribute by email, download or post in your facebook account or blog.

Even some less good pictures make a good presentation, like my poor shots from Silvester 2007. Unfortunately the posting to my blog didn’t work out, so you have to go to to check it yourself.

It is plain fun. It is easy to use. And it does the artist part for you.

Your daily flickr photo slideshow

March 13, 2008

A nice entertainment during a break, especially for flickr fans: flickrvision shows the current uploads to flickr from all over the world. This endless slide show gives you a feeling for the size of the flickr community.  And (mostly) nice and random photos too.

Flickr in Windows Life?

February 1, 2008

So Microsoft finally akquires Yahoo. That means my flickr account (which is now a Yahoo aaccount) becomes finally a Microsoft account. When they rise the fees, I’m leaving the service. Time to think about backups.

Web 2.0 conference keynote session

November 6, 2007

Jeremy and Duane during keynote
Originally uploaded by Porsche Pilot.

Today there been a lot of interesting keynotes. As everybody can see, I (second raw, 1st from right) was fully concentrated on the speech. Independent what happened else. 😀

tomtom, tomtom, ist da oben jemand drin?

June 1, 2007

Odyssee 2007, Teil 1: Ein Dialog mit dem TomTom-Support:

Kunde 10.05.2007 10:21 :

“Ich habe tomtom home mit meinem xda orbit auf WinXP installiert und alles läuft super. Nun habe ich einen Mac, neu. Tomtom home ist installiert, erkennt aber das Phone nicht. Wenn ich links unten im tomtom home auf das Icon ” Mein Gerät” drücke, wird “HTC Artemis” erkannt,danach stürtzt Tomtom home ab. ”

Antwort (DE) 12.05.2007 11:40 :

“Guten Tag , Vielen Dank fuer Ihre Anfrage. Read the rest of this entry »

The art of speaking

April 20, 2007

Originally uploaded by salimfadhley.

Yesterday I was at a presentation of Mr. Markus Renevey, owner of the Swiss “The Talk Company” about “Confident Speech making and Presentations”. He was heavily preaching his message:

“be genuine, have a message, be credible”.

Not really new to me. But the discussion after the presentation showed, that this basic ideals are still not a matter of course. Many attendees came up with the “need to not tell every piece of truth”.
But I totally agree to Mr. Renevey, that this is a important step to longterm credibility & trust.
Here is an other quote from him which was very inspiring to me:

“If you want to get people to an island, don’t tell them how to make boats. Tell them about the wonderful blue lagoon there.”

I think we often forget the goal by emphasizing the way to much. It’s the goal what keeps us moving.

Sharks and Herrings

April 2, 2007

Today I figured out that the “Red Herring 100 Europe” web page has a slight different design especially in the header picture than the “Red Herring Spring” which are the Red Herring 100 awards for North America.

Does that makes sense to you??