A piece of advice for better presentations

July 26, 2006

The last weeks I learned a lot (again) about better presentations. Although I’m usually a gifted presenter, that’s not a guaranty for outperforming every presentation, like I have to admit. So some weeks ago I was asked to hold a presentation, but just with 8 slides. It was a pretty instructive procedure for me to cut my 22 slide presentation down to 9, but I learned to recognize the essential messages of my presentation much better. Some of the slides I’ve cut I never used again. Lesson learned: Read the rest of this entry »


What’s the iqupi thing?

May 18, 2006

Well, to be honest, there is no real sense behind it. It’s just a tough nut to crack nowadays to create a new company name. I read at Guy Kawasaki’s Blog his famous article „the name game“

According that he says :

“Begin with letters early in the alphabet“
Well, iqupi has the 9. letter, not bad to be within the first ten. The main reason is to appear on top of any kind of listings.

„Avoid names starting with X and Z“
 :mrgreen: he believes that they are the bad companies. I dont’t believe that myself. But who can be sure? I’m on the good side with iqupi. 😉

„Embody verb potential“
What he means is: take short words to make it possible to use them as verbs. Example: I’m googeling. So iqupi is short. I’m iqupiing ? We will see. Perhaps it works out.

„Sound different“
Guess what: Do we sound like „Claris. Clarin. Claria. Clarium. Clarins. Clarinex“-companies? That’s what we are most of all: sound different! 10 points to iqupi!

„Embody logic“
Ok, let's try: "iqupi" = „It Qualifies U Powering Ideas“. Well, not exactly that what Mr. Kawasaki was trying to tell us. But who’s perfect? At least we done well with the other points.

„Avoid the trendy“
We definitivly did it. Otherwise I would talk about iqupr, iqooopel or iq.u.pi 😉


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Today I jumped into cold water

May 17, 2006

After a long time in a software company I stopped moving along that rut and took my best idea I've gathered the last years to break new ground. Today I'm still on the road to get some funding capital, with just good hope but no signed agreement yet. So therefore I wanna keep some silence about me and my idea and the guys I'm asked for funding just for a while until everything is settled. Keep patience about that for now and stay tuned.

source: Peterman Island, Antarctica, 2005 , Originally uploaded to flickr by the mighty jimbo.