Stay away from JFK

June 24, 2007


Originally uploaded by Stephan’s Place.

On Friday we left Boston via JFK airport, New York. It was a mess. arriving on NYC at Laguardia airport, we took a taxi to JFK. the taxi driver was a kind guy, but a messy salvager. His trunk was filled with a desk, a cage, a taxi car door(!) and other junk. He even stopped at the highway, jumped out and picked up a bike license plate! (luckily to him we had traffic jam too).
When we arrived at JFK, we had to stand in a line even to get in the airport (see picture). The line in the entrance hall was even longer too. When we managed to get in and half of the internal line done, a Delta official picked us out because of our electronic ticket sending us to a other but shorter line to some ticket automates. Guess what? They didn’t work properly. Finally Lars managed it to check in on an other device. Then we had still to go to the next line to drop our baggage. The whole procedure took us more than 3 hours and all the time we tried to work our way through that chaotic environment. We really considered us as lucky to finally managed to get our flight.