Hasso Plattner

June 26, 2007

Originally uploaded by Stephan’s Place.

Today Hasso Plattner held his (usual) keynote speech at this years HassoPlattner Ventures/HassoPlattner Institute event, the DesignIT conference at the university campus in Potsdam. For an IT guy, his part was the most remarkable speech at the conference. Very stylish too, since everything was about design. For extreme-sport fans there was an other interesting presentation too about mountain climbing.

Mr. Plattner was lecturing about his claim: “Software is all about design and usability, even or especially in the ERP market too”. He admitted, that in the past usually software producers claimed to know all about the business process, the so called “best practice”. Users had just to learn how to use their software. Today the world is driven by a process which Gartner analysts call “consumerization“, claiming that this will be the most important trend for the next 10 years.
So even Mr. Plattner told the audience, that this world of software vendor behavior is over .Today software has to be designed according the real needs of the clients, of the consumer. And a mayor point is simplicity and ease of use.

Anyway, for such a full day conference I’d like to see at least one or two other famous speakers too. David Weinberger, who spoke recently at the Enterprise 2.0 in Boston about social software, would have nicely fit in that conference. And Mr. Plattner wouldn’t have been the only “lighthouse in a desert”. 😉