The rise of information worker promotes web 2.0

June 14, 2007

Micheal Sampson pointed me in one of his interesting dayly snippets to an article of Jeff Kelley at the Blog: “Time to wakeup to web 2.0 , were he’s writing about the view of the enterprise IT to web 2.0:

Even in manufacturing environments, information workers are quickly replacing task workers. As a distinguish mark for that process he see’s web 2.0:

“So how do you foster a work environment that stresses access to real-time information, knowledge sharing and employee collaboration? You guessed it: Web 2.0.
‘Blogs, RSS and wikis are the equivalent today of the PC and voicemail 20 years ago,’ said Dennis Moore , a SAP manager during one of his presentations, ‘and are the tools that will enable information workers to do their jobs more efficiently than ever before.’ “

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