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I’m a adept in the field of product development, agile development, project management but also in operative management, and strategic marketing. Currently I work for anybet GmbH, a Berlin IT company which provides websites/services for online sports betting and online gambling.  My current passion is the work as a Certified SCRUM Master. Before that I worked as Scrum master and leader R&D for a Berlin company in the field of telecommunication services. Prior I was a interim leader R&D at text & form and also interim CEO of Mindquarry.  Mindquarry was a startup with a new kind of open source collaboration software for creative knowledge worker.

Prior I’ve been with Scopeland for more than 15 years as a co-founder, COO and CEO. Scopeland developed a universal software for the fast generation of database applications.

By my original training I’m a technical engineer, started as programmer and became the co-founder of Scopeland Software in 1990. There I started my career in the field of sales and marketing and became the COO in 1998. In 2000/01 I lead the company branch in San Francisco, CA, USA. Since 2002 I was the CEO of Scopeland Technology Technology.

Today I’m dedicated to the principles of Scrum and work in Scrum environments, trying to do it better every day.

If you want hire me or have questions you can email me at voigt.stephan@gmail.com.

See my SCRUM Alliance certification for Certified SCRUM Owner (pdf)

and see my SCRUM Alliance certification for Certified Scrum Master (pdf)

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