The battle of Bunker Hill

June 18, 2007

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On June 17 Boston people celebrating the anniversary of the battle of bunker hill. We accidental came to that event, following the Boston freedom trail.
Although not really much people attended, It’s always nice to see how respectful some people treat their history.

Lars on the red line

June 18, 2007

Lars on the freedom trail
Originally uploaded by Stephan’s Place.

Yesterday we arrived late in Boston, were we’ll attend the Enterprise 2.0 conference. Today we took some time to have a condensed city visit. Lars discovered the red line, which leads to the most important historical places in a kind of loop road. So we followed the line. Finally we saw a lot (check out my flickr pics), but we’ve been really down after all these miles in the heat.
In the afternoon we worked on the presentation and Lars wanted to start some coding work. Now I’ll gonna pick him up for a light evening meal and tomorrow we start the 4 day conference marathon.
Many people already arranged a meeting with us, therefore we are very snoopy for tomorrow. I’ll keep you informed.