Game over – my 3 lessons from the soccer world championship

The FIFA soccer world championship is over now and after all that enthralling matches I found time for a personal resume:

  1. A team with a vision and self-confidence (like Germany) can stand there as a winner even when they didn’t win the game. They got the title “world champion by heart” of the German nation, and that was essentially applicable. World soccer will have to count with that team the next years.
  2. A team which has won nearly all matches (like Germany) and was obviously unstoppable on the direct way to the championship can fail in the last 2 minutes. It doesn’t matter that they had the power to be a champion. Finally they failed even in 2 minutes. Lesson learned: To be the real champion, you must win the final game. And on that way is really each minute (and especially the last 2 😉 ) worth of your full power and attention.
  3. France captain Zidane (winner of golden ball award) was on the way to become a soccer legend. For some seconds he lost his temper and damaged his whole lifework. Lesson: Even if all around gang up on you, never loose control.

King Kahn , Originally uploaded by teamhasel.

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