Creating a collaborative Web site

One of the German Blogs, I frequently read, Wolfgang Sommergut, gave that interesting bookmark to the IBM-article: Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site”. Since I have exactly that task on my list, I found there an excellent resource for all the conceptional work you usually have to do in advance.

They needed a web page with 

  • document storage,
  • discussion groups,
  • specialized workgroups,
  • conference scheduling,
  • schedule session descriptions,
  • session expiration, and other tasks

 For the creation of that page they considered 3 ways:

  • Development based on Blog-Engines:
    • Movable Type
    • WordPress
    • Textpattern
  •  Development based on CMS:
    • Drupal
    • Mambo
    • Typo3
  •  Rapid Development based on Ryby on Rails

 For my feeling, they picked the most interesting Software-platforms at all. This selection is already a good summary of all the available tools. However, it made me smile to see that they came to the same conclusions as I did:

  • WordPress is a very handsome and useful blogging tool, but not the choice for that task.
  • Drupal (their choice at all) is one of the most promising CMS with clean code and structure and therefore better for further development than others like Mambo. Typo3 on the other hand is too complicated with all that complexity.
  • Ruby on Rails is a promising rapid development tool. But who wants to program a web page from scratch?

 One last remark: Although the article is an excellent resource even for deeper researches, I think there is some unclear content in figure 2: “Software requirements…” in the database column: Apache is not a database and (I guess) all of them are using MySQL.

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