Online Workspaces for the Masses

I’ve managed to get a Beta account of Office Live Workspace. That offers free upload of files to a workspace. The GUI is well done so far, but the upload has a strong limitation: no folder structures are supported. This might be the application I’ve so long waiting for, but that limitation shows me once again the big loss when Mindquarry was closed down. Synchronize your team files including the full directory structure with one click is a feature I’m still missing so much. That was the best solution ever.


2 Responses to Online Workspaces for the Masses

  1. Well, Dropbox looks interesting (currently in private beta).

    Seems to be a SVN-style filesharing client + server that stores data in Amazaon S3.

  2. stephanv says:

    I agree. I saw the webcast and immediately applied for the Beta account. They did a impressive work. Thanks for the link.

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