Understanding Collaborative Workspaces

April 5, 2007

Me and my working team
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Collaboration is the essence of the modern business era. More and more work is information work. More and more work happens between local distributed teams. But more and more working efficiency is reduced by the increasing overhead.
The topic of „understanding performance and collaborative workspaces“ becomes significant importance to every business in our global networked world.
According to a IDC study about the hidden costs of information work, the annual costs to an Enterprise with 1.000 information workers ( / annual payment of $60,0000 each) are $30M for wasted time.
Assuming the reduction of 1/3 of the overhead by better concepts and tools for teamwork, they could save about $10M each year.
So I think, the introduction of better concepts is just a matter of time and it will happen soon.
At Mindquarry, we believe that we will play a major role in that process of changing the collaborative workspace into a better place for team workers.


Alex Vieux, CEO Red Herring

March 28, 2007

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On the photo you see Alex Vieux, CEO of red Herring, opening the Venture Market Europe 2007 in Cannes. He’s a remarkable experienced guy, sitting on top of an excellent network of journalists, publishers, entrepreneurs and VC’s. At that moment he was just far away.
I received together with Lars the RH 100 Europe Award for the 100 Europe Entrepreneurs with the most chance of success and had a pitch and a lot of talks to many interesting people and some investors too.

At the last day, I was standing in the floor between the conference room and the restaurant, Alex went by and started to speak to me. How I’m doing, how my plans are for Mindquarry. To my big amazement he told me that he has personal reviewed our application and he sees a great potential in Mindquarry. “Do not wait 3 years to move to the United states” was his advice, “act soon. In your business, time runs fast” He offered his support and advice when I wanted to find American investors. “Let’s stay in contact”.
Honestly, I was some moment perplex. And I was proud to and felt honored by his approval to the potential in Mindquarry.
Let’s see further steps. I’ll write about it here and here.

When your best developer wants to contribute to open source

February 15, 2007

Flickr is everywhere
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I read in the CIO online magazine the article “The Enterprise Committer: When Your Employee Develops Open-Source Code on the Company PayrollThe article opens with the following scenario:

“One of your best developers comes to you with a unique proposal. Instead of writing software from scratch, or begging for the budget to purchase an off-the-shelf solution that would need customization anyway—well, there’s an open-source application called Foobar that does nearly everything on the wish list. The developer suggests that she could extend Foobar’s feature set, and then contribute the enhancements back to the open-source community. This way, when the next Foobar version is released, it won’t need the custom changes made all over again. And the only cost is her salary.”

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Open Source Meets Business

January 25, 2007


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Seit 3 Tagen bin ich nun auf dem “Open Source Meets Businees” Kongress des Heise Verlags in Nürnberg. Ich muß gestehen, dass ich seit langem nicht mehr auf einem so gut ausgestattetem und auch hochkarätig besetztem Kongress war. Das NCC (Nürnberger Conress Center) ist ein neues, großzügiges und sehr stylisch ausgestattetes Kongressgebäude, wie ich es sonst nur aus den USA kenne. Des Catering während des Kongresses ist überdurchschnittlich, da will ich jetzt mal nicht weiter vertiefend darauf eingehen, um keinen Neid zu provozieren. Einige Impressionen und mehr Photos findet Ihr auf dem Mindquarry Photo Booth auf flickr.
Der “Poster Booth”, eine kleine Mini-Messe für ausgewählte Firmen auf der wir unseren Stand haben, ist nicht nur in den Konferenzpausen sehr gut besucht, und wie man an den Photos sehen kann, hat sich das Leitmotto “Open source Meets Business” auch in der Kleiderordnung niedergeschlagen. Flankiert wird der Kongress noch von einem Empfang des Bayrischen Staatssekretärs gestern und einem Empfang des Oberbürgermeisters heute abend, bei denen sich das Land Bayern und die Stadt Nürnberg im Besonderen spendabel zeigen und natürlich massiv für den Standort werben. Man könnte in Versuchung geraten….

SharePoint Server 2007 Is an (Able) Jack of All Trades – is he?

January 18, 2007

Wolfgang Sommergut pointed me with his 2007-01-16 linklist to that eWeek article by Jim Rapoza “SharePoint Server 2007 Is an (Able) Jack of All Trades” which is a fairly good publicity for Microsofts SharePoint Server. Besides those impressing feature list and the collection of tools like wiki and blog, i’ts still a complex piece of software with a standard server license starting at $4,347 and a standard client access license starting at $93. And it entangles you deeper in the microsoft overpaid licence world than anything else. :mrgreen:

And, do not forget that: A plain collection of collaboration tools doesnt help you to colloborete well at all, seamless integreated collaboration procedures are the key. (IMHO) 😉

So if you want a simple but usefull alternative solution, if you want to make some steps into an open world based on open source you might give the Mindquarry Collaboration Server a try when they provide their first download in February. Go and register on the Mindquarry webpage to get notified.

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Google flickr

December 20, 2006

I don’t know how long I have it, but I dedected recently on the top program menu bar in my gmail the link to “photos”. Is that the killer application for flickr? I guess not. I can use flickr even with not having own photos in it. Just to browse through some wonderful photos.

Google’s picasa online is just a storage place for your own photos, allowing sharing with friends. But it’s far from being a community. I guess I’ ll keep my photos still in flickr for a while.

From desktop to webtop

August 21, 2006

The German based Experton Group has made an interesting prediction for the next years. So they underlined my expectations with market figures. They call it “From Desktop to Webtop – Web 2.0 on the way into the enterprises”. 

So Mr. Carlo Velten, Senior Advisor at Experton Group states:

„All signs indicate the begin of a paradigm change in the whole software market. That was predicted some time times before like under the therm “Application Service Providing”, but never happened. Now it comes. the Migration from Desktop to Webtop.”

 They estimate, that consumer will use everery third application form the web till 2010. Read the rest of this entry »