Service @France

March 26, 2007

Yesterday we arrived in Nice, flying by Easyjet. We had to wait nearly 1 hour for baggage. One of my Colleagues asked a franch airport guy about that delay. “Why didn’d you travel with Air France?” was his answer. Next step was to pick up a car at Europecar, pre-booked by Easyjet too. They had 5 counters. And 2 just for Easyjet customers. Guess what? There have been lots of Easyjet customers and nobody else. We had to wait another half an hour.

For rehabilitation purposes: The team in our hotel de France in Cannes has been very friendly.

Edit: Lather on at the Red herring conference in the Carlton International (perhaps the most expencive hotel here) I was asking the concierge if i could recharge my laptop there. He denied. See the story end in my other post (Service @ America)

Blue magic morning near the Hasso Plattner Technology Park

February 15, 2007

Blue Morning
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This week I stopped at my usual way to work for a moment at the Potsdam lake “Griebnitzsee” which is just behind the Hasso Plattner Technology Park were my company is located. The morning showed occasionally some sun shine and there was sometimes still some mist over the ground and finally there was no wind at all. So I had the opportunity to make a series of wonderfull blue photos of that lake. That was a magic moment over the water. Hope you like it too.

gadget review: my samsung digimax i6

February 4, 2007

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It’s time for a small gadget review. At Christmas I’ve got myself a digimax i6. I was long time wrestling with myself if I should by a new camera, and which I should by. Up to that time I was using a (analog) Minolta reflex camera with two additional lenses. But I was bothered by the volume and wight, so I did it use mostly on vacation or family events. Some times it took me more than half a year to finish a started film. And because I wanted to use my pics on blogs, flickr and some other web pages there was no other choice than a digital camera.
So the bottom line of my decision was to get a small, flat and lightweight camera for every day use. Just to point and click.

Digimax i6 PMP ad
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Therefore I was a long time watching the Casio Exilim models. They had a big screen, they are lightweight and flat. But after reading some user reviews in the web, I hesitated to by one, because those reviews didn’t praise them at all. In a newspaper test I’ve seen the digimax 6i, and I immediately got hooked by the appealing flat design. There the camera was approved as the best camera for automated pics. What did I want more? All my other technical details I was looking for have been fulfilled too: > 5 M pixels, triple optical zoom, good macro functions, image stabilization, additional Memory on the cheap SD cards, long battery live, good capabilities for photos at night and low light.
After all, I’m happy with that decision. I’m really carrying it every day, and it’s without delay time to shooting. It’s handsome and you can carry it like a flat cigarette case in your pocket. I’ll never mis a opportunity for a interesting photo.

First snow

December 28, 2006

So now we finally got our first snow that winter. Have a look at the small window lights in the left corner. The Mindquarry team is still working. Happy new year to all our friends.


I’m a mac

November 30, 2006

So now I got a macbook. Now I’m a mac too. I’m still on the way to become convenient with it. It’s not that easy after more than 10 years as a MS Win user.

But it looks incredibble smart. 😀

Game over – my 3 lessons from the soccer world championship

July 14, 2006

The FIFA soccer world championship is over now and after all that enthralling matches I found time for a personal resume:

  1. A team with a vision and self-confidence (like Germany) can stand there as a winner even when they didn’t win the game. They got the title “world champion by heart” of the German nation, and that was essentially applicable. World soccer will have to count with that team the next years.
  2. A team which has won nearly all matches (like Germany) and was obviously unstoppable on the direct way to the championship can fail in the last 2 minutes. It doesn’t matter that they had the power to be a champion. Finally they failed even in 2 minutes. Lesson learned: To be the real champion, you must win the final game. And on that way is really each minute (and especially the last 2 😉 ) worth of your full power and attention.
  3. France captain Zidane (winner of golden ball award) was on the way to become a soccer legend. For some seconds he lost his temper and damaged his whole lifework. Lesson: Even if all around gang up on you, never loose control.

King Kahn , Originally uploaded by teamhasel.

Frog run

July 10, 2006

Apparently because my home lies in the middle between 2 little lakes (both about 200 m away) we had to undergo this weekend a mass walk of cute little froggs from south to north across the streets and all estates. I guess there were thousands on the migration walk. So I decided to to leave the lawn mower in the garage for that time. 😉

Many Frogs , Originally uploaded by LunchBox73.

Lessons from the incredible Blue Ball Machine

June 2, 2006

Well I had that link to the Blue Ball Machine in my old Blog and I must have it again here. (remark: turn your sound switch to loud) In times with much stress It’s almost healing and relaxing to watch that hustle and bustle in that machine. It shows me quite plainly some simple lessons:

  1. Sometimes work is like the Blue Ball Machine: it doesn’t make sense, although you work hard. Then it’s perhaps better to lean back to get a picture of the whole procedure and do something different.
  2. There are many ways to get the same thing done. 😉 The way may be nice, interesting, efficient or hard. That doesn’t really matter. Important is the result.
  3. Engineering work can be extremely creative. So if you have good engineers, there’s just one thing left: give them the right goals.

Keep that in mind and have fun.

Blue Ball Night

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