gadget review: my samsung digimax i6

February 4, 2007

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It’s time for a small gadget review. At Christmas I’ve got myself a digimax i6. I was long time wrestling with myself if I should by a new camera, and which I should by. Up to that time I was using a (analog) Minolta reflex camera with two additional lenses. But I was bothered by the volume and wight, so I did it use mostly on vacation or family events. Some times it took me more than half a year to finish a started film. And because I wanted to use my pics on blogs, flickr and some other web pages there was no other choice than a digital camera.
So the bottom line of my decision was to get a small, flat and lightweight camera for every day use. Just to point and click.

Digimax i6 PMP ad
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Therefore I was a long time watching the Casio Exilim models. They had a big screen, they are lightweight and flat. But after reading some user reviews in the web, I hesitated to by one, because those reviews didn’t praise them at all. In a newspaper test I’ve seen the digimax 6i, and I immediately got hooked by the appealing flat design. There the camera was approved as the best camera for automated pics. What did I want more? All my other technical details I was looking for have been fulfilled too: > 5 M pixels, triple optical zoom, good macro functions, image stabilization, additional Memory on the cheap SD cards, long battery live, good capabilities for photos at night and low light.
After all, I’m happy with that decision. I’m really carrying it every day, and it’s without delay time to shooting. It’s handsome and you can carry it like a flat cigarette case in your pocket. I’ll never mis a opportunity for a interesting photo.


Google flickr

December 20, 2006

I don’t know how long I have it, but I dedected recently on the top program menu bar in my gmail the link to “photos”. Is that the killer application for flickr? I guess not. I can use flickr even with not having own photos in it. Just to browse through some wonderful photos.

Google’s picasa online is just a storage place for your own photos, allowing sharing with friends. But it’s far from being a community. I guess I’ ll keep my photos still in flickr for a while.

Finest Grasshill Music

December 10, 2006

This afternoon I’ve picked randomly a radiostation at iTunes: Grassy Hill Radio. Usually I check after some songs for other music. But this time I was hooked on that cushy music stream and had no need to scan for other music. I briefly checked their website and their FAQ-topic: “How can I help?” said: Spread the word about Grassy Hill Radio! That easy pay back I’ve done herewith.

cool commercials

December 3, 2006

today I’ve found one of the coolest commercials ever, IMHO. : “Mr. Boombastic” The link brings you to it’s youtube page. Keep an eye on the guys eyebrow play. 😉

Linux: the best desktop software for pivate use but useless for private users I’ve seen so far

November 17, 2006

I visited the Linux Open World Conference & Expo in Cologne yesterday and had the opportunity to listen to Nat Friedman, who actually holds the position of a Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Open Source at Novell, about the (Suse) “Linux Desktop today”.

Besides the nicely gimmicks with swinging or transparent windows when moving them and arranging screens in rotating cubes or film stripes they had some really useful programs. Useful because there really easy and smart in use: First, there was the photo library tool with easy sharing to flickr and basic edit options, second there was the banshee music management were Nat demonstrated easy mp3 exchange with his ipod. The desktop search engine was fast and smart as well, and they integrated visited web pages too in that search, a feature what may be very helpful if you forgot the place you’ve seen a special information before. So during that presentation they showed a lot useful things for private use. However they still address companies for using that desktop instead waiting for Microsoft’s Vista.

After the keynote I had a short talk to Nat and I asked him about the support for games. He admitted that this is out of their focus right now. But perhaps is that the missing feature for a wider acceptance. Lots of people get (even in companies) laptops today and they have the option to use them private too. But frankly, no business customer would ask for that feature because it’s unseemly. So the Suse guy’s perhaps never will know about that hidden missing feature.

Game over – my 3 lessons from the soccer world championship

July 14, 2006

The FIFA soccer world championship is over now and after all that enthralling matches I found time for a personal resume:

  1. A team with a vision and self-confidence (like Germany) can stand there as a winner even when they didn’t win the game. They got the title “world champion by heart” of the German nation, and that was essentially applicable. World soccer will have to count with that team the next years.
  2. A team which has won nearly all matches (like Germany) and was obviously unstoppable on the direct way to the championship can fail in the last 2 minutes. It doesn’t matter that they had the power to be a champion. Finally they failed even in 2 minutes. Lesson learned: To be the real champion, you must win the final game. And on that way is really each minute (and especially the last 2 😉 ) worth of your full power and attention.
  3. France captain Zidane (winner of golden ball award) was on the way to become a soccer legend. For some seconds he lost his temper and damaged his whole lifework. Lesson: Even if all around gang up on you, never loose control.

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Lessons from the incredible Blue Ball Machine

June 2, 2006

Well I had that link to the Blue Ball Machine in my old Blog and I must have it again here. (remark: turn your sound switch to loud) In times with much stress It’s almost healing and relaxing to watch that hustle and bustle in that machine. It shows me quite plainly some simple lessons:

  1. Sometimes work is like the Blue Ball Machine: it doesn’t make sense, although you work hard. Then it’s perhaps better to lean back to get a picture of the whole procedure and do something different.
  2. There are many ways to get the same thing done. 😉 The way may be nice, interesting, efficient or hard. That doesn’t really matter. Important is the result.
  3. Engineering work can be extremely creative. So if you have good engineers, there’s just one thing left: give them the right goals.

Keep that in mind and have fun.

Blue Ball Night

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