Andrew McAfee @ Enterprise 2.0

June 19, 2007

E2.0 debate – Tom Davenport, Andrew McAfee, Dan Farber
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Andrew McAfee (middle) had a most remarkable speech this morning. During his speech he often emphasized the main way to make information worker more productive:

“Just get out of their way, let they just work on their own”

I think, he condensed an important issue to one point. Do not put them into workflow chains, you’ll naver can plan how they work efficient. Jut give them all that they are able to work anytime, anywhere and with anything they need.
That is exactly our goal at Mindquarry. I couldn’t have said it better.

The rise of information worker promotes web 2.0

June 14, 2007

Micheal Sampson pointed me in one of his interesting dayly snippets to an article of Jeff Kelley at the Blog: “Time to wakeup to web 2.0 , were he’s writing about the view of the enterprise IT to web 2.0:

Even in manufacturing environments, information workers are quickly replacing task workers. As a distinguish mark for that process he see’s web 2.0:

“So how do you foster a work environment that stresses access to real-time information, knowledge sharing and employee collaboration? You guessed it: Web 2.0.
‘Blogs, RSS and wikis are the equivalent today of the PC and voicemail 20 years ago,’ said Dennis Moore , a SAP manager during one of his presentations, ‘and are the tools that will enable information workers to do their jobs more efficiently than ever before.’ “

But still most Read the rest of this entry »

Enterprise 2.0 in Boston

June 12, 2007

Next week I’m attending (together with Lars Trieloff) the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston (June 18-21) to announce the hosted service. The event is the former collaborative technology conference and it will unite the most important collaboration software companies with interested stakeholders.

It’s surely a plenty place to meet me. I’ll have a presentation at June 19, 5.25 am. And we’ll have a presentation point there to see the new Mindquarry Enterprise Server version 1.2. So meet me there:

Join Me at Enterprise 2.0 Connect!

Web 2.0 is collaboration is the future

June 8, 2007

Cisco CEO John Chambers gave his vision of the networked future during his “Network + Interop” keynote presentation. He proclaimed that Web 2.0, which he defined broadly as collaboration, is the future. He said:

“We are moving our company as fast as we can to collaboration and Web 2.0. We see the next wave of productivity re-accelerating around the world.”

I totally agree with him. Collaboration will make the difference and it will become a strong requirement for success. Today’s work is increasingly determined by white collar guys, while we see traditional manual labor fading away. Knowledge workers (even those without “white collars”) are today’s main source of GNP, and they are often treated like workers on assembly lines. But they work in a different way. For best results the need more freedom of work, more choices. They work on changing locations,  with changing teams and at changing times.  They need a truly new working environment, enabling collaboration at any time.
The success of today’s team work is highly determined by the knowledge worker’s ability to share whatever they need – wherever they are – whenever they want.

That’s why collaboration is the future. It’s the future of today’s global work. It’s social, it’s community and it’s usability.


April 22, 2007


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He’s my son and today is his birthday. Since on the one hand we run out of ideas and on the other hand his wishes become really expencive ;-), we coiled up some bank notes (to support his next mobile phone) and wrapped each single peace. The wrapping had letters for a puzzle, which he had to solve. At least he had some fun through the unwrapping.

Happy birthday, Florian.

Wild Hogs

April 12, 2007


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Yesterday I was at a sneak preview of “Wild Hogs”, organized by “Berliner Koepfe”. They did a fairly good job. In the lobby have been 2 hot bikes. The film was funny and entertaining and can be recommended so far.

World’s largest Easter Egg

April 8, 2007

World’s largest Ukrainian egg.

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.. is located in Vegreville, Canada. I didn’t go so far for a easter vacation, I’ve just been in Kolberg, Poland. Never than less they celebrate the easter vacation with old traditions. We saw people of any age walking to the church with little easter baskets. But I have no idea about the procedure behind this…

Understanding Collaborative Workspaces

April 5, 2007

Me and my working team
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Collaboration is the essence of the modern business era. More and more work is information work. More and more work happens between local distributed teams. But more and more working efficiency is reduced by the increasing overhead.
The topic of „understanding performance and collaborative workspaces“ becomes significant importance to every business in our global networked world.
According to a IDC study about the hidden costs of information work, the annual costs to an Enterprise with 1.000 information workers ( / annual payment of $60,0000 each) are $30M for wasted time.
Assuming the reduction of 1/3 of the overhead by better concepts and tools for teamwork, they could save about $10M each year.
So I think, the introduction of better concepts is just a matter of time and it will happen soon.
At Mindquarry, we believe that we will play a major role in that process of changing the collaborative workspace into a better place for team workers.

Alex Vieux, CEO Red Herring

March 28, 2007

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On the photo you see Alex Vieux, CEO of red Herring, opening the Venture Market Europe 2007 in Cannes. He’s a remarkable experienced guy, sitting on top of an excellent network of journalists, publishers, entrepreneurs and VC’s. At that moment he was just far away.
I received together with Lars the RH 100 Europe Award for the 100 Europe Entrepreneurs with the most chance of success and had a pitch and a lot of talks to many interesting people and some investors too.

At the last day, I was standing in the floor between the conference room and the restaurant, Alex went by and started to speak to me. How I’m doing, how my plans are for Mindquarry. To my big amazement he told me that he has personal reviewed our application and he sees a great potential in Mindquarry. “Do not wait 3 years to move to the United states” was his advice, “act soon. In your business, time runs fast” He offered his support and advice when I wanted to find American investors. “Let’s stay in contact”.
Honestly, I was some moment perplex. And I was proud to and felt honored by his approval to the potential in Mindquarry.
Let’s see further steps. I’ll write about it here and here.

Leading the next wave of innovation

March 21, 2007

Balloons to the sky

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Mindquarry will get rewarded as one of the “Red Herring 100 Europe” selected companies, which are leading the next wave of innovation. On Sunday I will travel to Cannes together with Lars Trieloff, COO and co-founder, to receive the reward. Monday we will attend at the Red Herring Venture Market Europe (VME) event with a little pitch and find out if investors see the potential and value in our company.
Frankly, we are happy and proud. And frankly too, we think we deserve it.