The rise of information worker promotes web 2.0

Micheal Sampson pointed me in one of his interesting dayly snippets to an article of Jeff Kelley at the Blog: “Time to wakeup to web 2.0 , were he’s writing about the view of the enterprise IT to web 2.0:

Even in manufacturing environments, information workers are quickly replacing task workers. As a distinguish mark for that process he see’s web 2.0:

“So how do you foster a work environment that stresses access to real-time information, knowledge sharing and employee collaboration? You guessed it: Web 2.0.
‘Blogs, RSS and wikis are the equivalent today of the PC and voicemail 20 years ago,’ said Dennis Moore , a SAP manager during one of his presentations, ‘and are the tools that will enable information workers to do their jobs more efficiently than ever before.’ “

But still most of the enterprises IT managers have no web 2.0 strategy. When Moore asked his audience about that, no hands were raised. But during the same presentation, Moore cited an IDC survey that found out that from all companies 45% are at least experimenting with blogs, 43% with RSS and 35% with wikis.

So on the one hand there are those numbers from IDC, a most trustful research company and on the other hand we have the fact that most IT Managers like the one in Moore’s presentation have no web 2.0 strategy? Moore explains that gap with a simple fact. Even under the nose of the IT more and more employees experimenting on their own with web 2.0 to solve their problems, to ease their tasks.

Why not? Web 2.0 has usually a free starting offer, it makes no “footprint” on your computer and it easy to use (and even more: it looks cool). So why ask the IT guy’s who are doing the big problems? It is basically the same procedure as it happened when early PC programs like the first text processors or spreadsheets infiltrated the companies on the employees PC’s. Web 2.0 will be unstoppable, because it has low barriers, it’s easy to use and it solves problems.

It goes hand in hand with mayor trends like Software as a Service or Consumerization. And It will become more awareness as soon as the first enterprise comes out with a cost-saving study by implementing web 2.0 solutions. That process has started and it’s enthralling to watch the upcoming changes in the IT world.

2 Responses to The rise of information worker promotes web 2.0

  1. Dennis Moore says:

    Not surprising that more companies are experimenting with Web 2.0 than people raised their hands — some people were reluctant to raise their hands (I think it was my first question, and about 10% raised their hands despite what the previous blogger said), but also a lot of Web 2.0 is coming in around and despite (rather than with the support of) IT, just as PCs did years ago. Most of the IT people with whom I speak in less imposing settings are knowledgeable about Web 2.0 to some degree, and many of them see it as a way to greatly increase the value IT delivers to business.

  2. stephanv says:

    I agree, that is exactly my point. Web 2.0 will emerge from bottom up. The point is that social components like honesty, reputation, trustworthy .. are better “marketing wings” than polished brochures.

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