Flight to LA, CA

Originally uploaded by Stephan’s Place.

On Monday I was flying from Berlin to Frankfurt to meet there my collegue Sandro (VP Marketing at Mindquarry). Together we took the Air India flight to LA. Sandro was backbiting a little bit about bloggers who often write about all the trouble happens during a flight. “There is usually trouble at almost every flight” he said. He had right. But to avoid his backbiting on me, I’ll stay quiet at that point. Perhaps Sandro will blog about the flight. 😉
Anyway, nearly everything worked out fine at the travel. The photo on the right is taken from our car at the Hwy 5 north. At that point, we just had left the LA suburban area and still 4 hours to travel to Monterey. At that time we still had not considered jet lag effects, on which we should suffering soon.
It was a hard ride to Monterey, were we arrived at half past midnight local time. We’ve been really down and happy to be able to go to bed immediately.


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  1. […] Stephan already wrote a bit about our trip and I won’t add anything to that, because I really don’t like blog posts where people write about all the problems they had on their plane or train or car or etc. ride. […]

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