Innovation needs boldness (DEGUT pickings)

Today i had that podium session at the DEGUT fair. It was located in the trade show halls around the old Berlin radio tower. The session was held in a kind of circus hall, what was a representative place, but with bad acoustics. With me on stage have been Klaus B. Bartenbach, a international skilled business coach and formerxecutive board member of Babcok, Ulrich Ruh, Projectmanager at the Future Agency Brandenburg (zab) and last not least Liane Hryca from PtJ who moderated the session.

We must have been a interesting mix of people with experienced opinions. And Mrs. Hryca did a good job as moderator too. When we started, the seats were mostly empty and the hall was noisiness. When we finished after half an hour, the seats were mostly occupied and the audience gave us their full attention, the hall was no more noisy at all.

The final question to me was how to learn to become an entrepreneur. I’m for my part, tried to encourage potential entrepreneurs just to start. Getting business knowledge follows usually. Who ever has a good idea, just try to get it work.

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