The DEGUT conference, held in Berlin from April 20 to 21, is a local conference & trade show for entrepreneurs, consultants, banks VC’s and business angels around the topic of “getting started”. On Saturday, 21th, I’ll be on stage at 3 p.m. in hall 13 at a podium session with the zab, a Brandenburg agency for business development. The motto of the session is “innovation needs boldness”, which is (perhaps) a special German issue. 😉 Anyway, since Mindquarry is a spin-off of the Hasso-Plattner Institute, I got invited as a representative of a typical “Brandenburg success story” of a group of Brandenburg students, which founded a own company and how they got supported by local sponsors.

I think although that event is really a local Berlin event, it’s still a good opportunity to network with the local officials, look for goog partnerships and perhaps for new ideas and interesting people.

So if there is anyone who wants to meet me there, one free guest ticket is still available.

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