Wild Hogs


Originally uploaded by Stephan’s Place.

Yesterday I was at a sneak preview of “Wild Hogs”, organized by “Berliner Koepfe”. They did a fairly good job. In the lobby have been 2 hot bikes. The film was funny and entertaining and can be recommended so far.

5 Responses to Wild Hogs

  1. René says:

    As tough “Schwalbe” pilot (what I am now) it’s my honest duty to watch this movie soon, too 🙂 Further more I really like Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence…

  2. stephanv says:

    But it’s tough to be a “wild hog” with your moped. 😀 Perhaps driving downhill. In that case: Just hide your face from the wind. 😉

  3. ReneMT says:

    Frankly, I’m wearing a helmet so my face is always hidden, more or less… Or is this supposed to depreciate the experience? In that case I should reconsider it 😉

  4. stephanv says:

    The sentence “I just hide my face from the wind” plays a role in the film, at least in the Englisch version. Check it out.

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