Service @America

Red Herring is an American company, obviously. This morning we came to the congress and Lars forgot his name tag. He asked me to go back for it. I said no. Just lets look if they can provide you a new one. They gladly did. I wanted to put some flyers into the press room. After I couldn’t find it one of the Red Herring Hostesses came along to escort me to the press room. After she saw the flyers in my hand she immediately asked to do that for me. With pleasure.

Lather on I was repelled by the concierge of the conference hotel when I wanted to recharge my laptop. I went over to the red Herring office and they gladly did.

2 Responses to Service @America

  1. Thomas says:

    But now – ask for services in germany – where is your opinion? – Yes i agree, the service is to bad to tell it here. It’s nice to see that all works fine for you! And I don’t need to press my thumbs any longer. 😉

  2. stephanv says:

    Germany is far better than you think. Just change your perspective and have a look from France. 😉

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