Leading the next wave of innovation

Balloons to the sky

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Mindquarry will get rewarded as one of the “Red Herring 100 Europe” selected companies, which are leading the next wave of innovation. On Sunday I will travel to Cannes together with Lars Trieloff, COO and co-founder, to receive the reward. Monday we will attend at the Red Herring Venture Market Europe (VME) event with a little pitch and find out if investors see the potential and value in our company.
Frankly, we are happy and proud. And frankly too, we think we deserve it.

3 Responses to Leading the next wave of innovation

  1. ReneMT says:

    Congratulations – I’ve got the feeling you guys at Mindquarry really can’t complain at the moment. Will you bring me a present along? 😉

  2. I ‘ve tried: I wanted to favor you early with the preferences of our software, but you decided to try it on your own. 😉

  3. ReneMT says:

    Frankly I almost was tempted to accept it – but at the end it proved to be as if you would give me one of these fancy food processors: Even if it is extremely awesome with all kinds of bells and whistles I don’t know what I should do with it – because at the moment I just need a simple can opener and a good knife 😉

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