gadget review: my samsung digimax i6

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It’s time for a small gadget review. At Christmas I’ve got myself a digimax i6. I was long time wrestling with myself if I should by a new camera, and which I should by. Up to that time I was using a (analog) Minolta reflex camera with two additional lenses. But I was bothered by the volume and wight, so I did it use mostly on vacation or family events. Some times it took me more than half a year to finish a started film. And because I wanted to use my pics on blogs, flickr and some other web pages there was no other choice than a digital camera.
So the bottom line of my decision was to get a small, flat and lightweight camera for every day use. Just to point and click.

Digimax i6 PMP ad
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Therefore I was a long time watching the Casio Exilim models. They had a big screen, they are lightweight and flat. But after reading some user reviews in the web, I hesitated to by one, because those reviews didn’t praise them at all. In a newspaper test I’ve seen the digimax 6i, and I immediately got hooked by the appealing flat design. There the camera was approved as the best camera for automated pics. What did I want more? All my other technical details I was looking for have been fulfilled too: > 5 M pixels, triple optical zoom, good macro functions, image stabilization, additional Memory on the cheap SD cards, long battery live, good capabilities for photos at night and low light.
After all, I’m happy with that decision. I’m really carrying it every day, and it’s without delay time to shooting. It’s handsome and you can carry it like a flat cigarette case in your pocket. I’ll never mis a opportunity for a interesting photo.

2 Responses to gadget review: my samsung digimax i6

  1. ReneMT says:

    What about the delay when taking pictures with flashlight? Is it acceptable – means: can you shot one after another or do you have to wait some seconds until the flash has finished reloading? And furthermore: how is the quality under low / inadequate lighting (means without flash evenings or in dark rooms)? Do you get pics without shaking and color noise?

    In my eyes, the last point (inadequate lighting) is the most important – cause under good conditions I even get acceptable pics with my cell 🙂

  2. stephanv says:

    There is of course some reload time after a flash light.
    But: With the image stabilization mode you get good photos even with low light. For night capabilities, check my flickr page for moon photos 🙂

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