SharePoint Server 2007 Is an (Able) Jack of All Trades – is he?

Wolfgang Sommergut pointed me with his 2007-01-16 linklist to that eWeek article by Jim Rapoza “SharePoint Server 2007 Is an (Able) Jack of All Trades” which is a fairly good publicity for Microsofts SharePoint Server. Besides those impressing feature list and the collection of tools like wiki and blog, i’ts still a complex piece of software with a standard server license starting at $4,347 and a standard client access license starting at $93. And it entangles you deeper in the microsoft overpaid licence world than anything else. :mrgreen:

And, do not forget that: A plain collection of collaboration tools doesnt help you to colloborete well at all, seamless integreated collaboration procedures are the key. (IMHO) 😉

So if you want a simple but usefull alternative solution, if you want to make some steps into an open world based on open source you might give the Mindquarry Collaboration Server a try when they provide their first download in February. Go and register on the Mindquarry webpage to get notified.

 Originally uploaded to flickr by anu.gupta.


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