From desktop to webtop

The German based Experton Group has made an interesting prediction for the next years. So they underlined my expectations with market figures. They call it “From Desktop to Webtop – Web 2.0 on the way into the enterprises”. 

So Mr. Carlo Velten, Senior Advisor at Experton Group states:

„All signs indicate the begin of a paradigm change in the whole software market. That was predicted some time times before like under the therm “Application Service Providing”, but never happened. Now it comes. the Migration from Desktop to Webtop.”

 They estimate, that consumer will use everery third application form the web till 2010.

 share of web based applications for consumer and enterprises

picture: share of web based applications for consumer (grey) and enterprises ( red) in percent. (source: Experton Group)

So they see clearly that the powerfull development is driven by the consumer market. They are free of rules and restrictions of the IT shops in enterprises and have fun in adopting the new applications to manage online their email, their photos and videos, their appointments, their hobbies, their data at all.

And like it happend in the past, the new world at the home computers will stealthy infiltrate enterprises too, because people like things which work easy and smart. That procedure is just with a time deley behind the consumers behavior.

Imagine, when all the people using software on the web. Is that the day when software giants fall?  The software market is changing in a rapid way. And we will be present.

2 Responses to From desktop to webtop

  1. Thomas says:

    I don’t think that software giants fall into the black hole of no future. Micosoft’s office is online or oracle is working from g to i (->10i). The internet is changing and all the “giants” looking to place the products on the right online place to get the big piece of cake. I hope some VC’s see that the online structure is changing in fast steps. And this is the difficult like a conversation with one of the three apes – no one knows what the others do and no one makes the right deicision – to invest in new ideas. -And now? The giants win the game – because they have the money.

  2. Thomas says:

    I forgot – it’s nice to read news on iqupi again.

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