the wired 40

the latest wired 40 list has been released. The criterias are as following:

What makes a company wired? We start by looking for the basics: strategic vision, global reach, killer technology. But that’s not enough. To land a spot on our annual Wired 40 list, a business also needs the X-factor – a hunger for new ideas and an impatience to put them into practice. Such companies inevitably become trendsetters

to make that clear: I’s already a honor to be in there. However it’s probably worth to have a look at the succession:

the first 5 are : 1. Google, 2. Apple, 3. Samsung, 4. Genentech, 5. Yahoo

So there are 2 software, one consumer electronics, one biotech and one computer/software companies. Looks like software has still the greatest potential

Surprisingly to me on rank 10: SAP as the first European company. Seems to be the “mecedes Benz” of software.

Remarkable rank 15 for application service providing is the software of modern times.

Did I mention Microsoft? : rank 36.

An Who’s out? 6 companies, among them Vodafone and Nokia. Looks like telecommunication has become less interest.

rank rank rank

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