And above all, provide a minimum structure and let users do [Enterprise Web 2.0] themselves.

Well, first I have to admit that this headline is stolen from Dion Hinchcliffe’s post “Everyone as Co-Creators: Harnessing Collective Innovation with Web 2.0” .

So what’s up? New technologies like microformats & widgets allow users, even non-programmers, to customize their own webpages, blogs or wikis in an individual manner. More and more people learn to do that, because the “worst thing” is a blog or webpage looking like thousand others. Customize! The technologies are out yet and more and more pop up. Why not insert an own way of seeing things. Have an wheater-forecast plugin is nice, but combine it with your own local wheater report makes the difference. 

in his blog Ian Kennedy says: 

Call it mashups for the rest of us – your blog or MySpace profile is a platform where you mix & match services like an events badge and content such as your linkroll. Mix it all together and add a spice of CSS for your new digital persona.

Yea, that guy really made a good point: Mix it all together for your new digital persona. People do not stick to standard designs or webpages, they are individuals: they buy differen cars, build differend houses, wear different clothes. They all want to be special. That’s it. And now comes the technology to support these afforts: widgets to create own mashups.

The ZDNET Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog asks: “Is the walled garden Web blowing apart?” Yes. That’s what I beliefe. Customizing his digital persona wil become common, no doubt.

Photo Originally uploaded to flickr by brunosmi.

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