Web 2.0: evil hype or promising technologies?

May 30, 2006

What is web 2.0 to me?

Since many people (especially those outside the blogging & blog reading community) even don’t have heard about Web 2.0, the term becomes more and more aware to financial and technical analysts and to the journalists. Many of them discuss the term controversial. For some it’s the new wave of inspiring technology, for others it’s just the new name for yet an other dot com bubble.
For me it’s clearly no doubt, that there is a new hype on the way. People are acting that way, they tend to follow all signs of hope. And after the failing of many dot.com’s after 2000, innovation had bad times. Customer tried mostly well tried technologies, rather from big companies than from entrepreneurs and they kept their money short.

But 2005 a lot had changed:

  • Many people have now DSL instead of sucking dial-up
  • Many people have learned to use the Web for shopping, product comparison or product search. That includes the behavior to pay beforehand.
  • There war the triumphant IPO of Google in 2004, showing that the web is still a place for growing business.

And under the hood there were still that folks from the old dot.com times. After some years licking their wounds they’ve been back with new ideas and technologies. IMHO the most important were those community tools like blogs or wikis. That allowed a fast and growing communication. Ideas were discussed and mixed. And old and newer entrepreneurs tried to overcome the mistakes of the past when they started their new ideas. Now there was in most cases a payment option included. And, not to forget: that new kind of software made fun:

  • Easy to use,
  • Just in a your browser, no mess of installed software on your laptop
  • Nice design with god usability

That all was real, but with no name until O’Reilly named it Web 2.0. That was a clever idea and it promoted somehow the buzz.
But once again, below that is real entrepreneurship with new ideas and technologies, and to keep it short I want to add that picture below:

Web2.0 – extended mindcloudmap
Originally uploaded to flicckr by kosmar.

And yeah, I like Web 2.0.  It’s every day a new inspiration to me. It’s fun. It’s useful. And it will kick out the old bloated licensed software of the big companies. Guess what Microsoft is fearing most these days? They see their monopolistic market share melting away. But that time they are at least smart enough to ride that wave too.

So back to that Question: Is web 2.0 evil or promising? It’s promising to me. It will be evil for guys who try to fool others with just riding the wave without a good business idea. That happens at any times. Just pick the right side and enjoy a new world of software: useful, easy, funny, cheap.

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