reading list for Friday, May 19th 2006

» Gartner: Software development will cease to exist | Between the Lines | 

Gartner research director Darryl Plummer predicts the end of "classical software development" after a switch to SaaS.

» MSN Money – Business Wire Business News: Gartner Says Web 2.0 Offers Many Opportunities for Growth, But Few Enterprises Will Immediately Adopt All Aspects Necessary for Significant Business Impact

Gartner says Web 2.0 represents a fundamental shift toward a more open, flexible and participatory model for creating content systems and business models. Its application can reduce costs, enhance adaptability and create new business opportunities.

» Is SAP for sale? by Nicolas Carr

Nicolas Carr is doing wild guessing after an FT inverview with Mr. Hasso Plattner.

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