Today I jumped into cold water

After a long time in a software company I stopped moving along that rut and took my best idea I've gathered the last years to break new ground. Today I'm still on the road to get some funding capital, with just good hope but no signed agreement yet. So therefore I wanna keep some silence about me and my idea and the guys I'm asked for funding just for a while until everything is settled. Keep patience about that for now and stay tuned.

source: Peterman Island, Antarctica, 2005 , Originally uploaded to flickr by the mighty jimbo.

5 Responses to Today I jumped into cold water

  1. Rouven Westphal says:

    Tolles Bild, ist ein Selbstbildnis?

  2. iqupi says:

    no, that's not my picture. I wasn't that brave to do that in that unknown polar region by myself. 😉
    But believe me, today I jumped into the cold water of real live. And as you may see, I started swimming with a new blog after I closed my old one.

    And yeah, your're my first annotator. Welcome as my first reader. 😀

  3. Thomas Wolf says:

    I was first exposed it is your swimming pool at wintertime! 😉

  4. ReneMT says:

    On his own pool you wouldn’t find any ice at wintertime I guess – shurely it’s heated and has a glass roof 😉

  5. iqupi says:

    In my case I#m in good hope that the heat comes soon. But the water was cold. 😉

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