web 2.0 under the radar

February 7, 2006

Under the Radar is a website tracking new early stage technologies and organizing conferences to bring founders, users and venture capital together. They are created by IBDN, a network sponsored by SAP, IBM, Microsoft and others. They announced the “Under the Radar Conference: Why Web 2.0 matters” at the Microsoft Conference Center, Mountain View, CA in 2 March 2006.
Well I guess, the name of the sponsors may give a hint why Web 2.0 matters. 😉
And It’s true, when they say:

“Consumers and coders don’t give a damn whether “Web 2.0″ is a bubble or not — they’re too busy building new toys, learning new tricks, and making the web a circus where everyone’s a ringmaster.”

That is growing right now under our eyes – if we see it or not, if we call it web 2.0 or not.
(Found over Ventureblog)

remark: that article was previosly released in my former blog “Sqpis World”