my trend prediction No. 1 : Consumerization

By the turn of the year many predictions will come up and I for my self like to read them too. I don’ want to add a new prediction list at that place. But I will pick up one of the predictions which is not yet in the focus of the mainstream and want to give my 10 cent with a small review of it:

Gartner Says Consumerization Will Be Most Significant Trend Affecting IT During Next 10 Years

In my opinion, that is a very powerful prediction. But if you take a look around, it is still on the way. Consumer drive economy more than ever. Mobile communication, mobile consumption (ipod), online gaming and gambling, online shopping or online banking have become common use. That’s the reason behind while a new web 2.0 application world is rising. Most citizen have a broadband network access, they use to go online for their demands and needs. Who has ever bought something at Amazon or Ebay? More and more people say “yes” to that question. They learn to use the Web in their way. Blogging is one phenomenon which grow rapidly in that times. Meanwhile you can do much more with web applications, and most of them for free or little fees:

tagging your favored links, collect and share photos or videos, get music of video clips, have an text processor for writing, office applications like calendar, to-do-lists, project management, white board, knowledge collections in wikis, and so on…

Changes in user behavior…

That affects user practices in many ways:

    – People use applications which have a smart look and which are easy to handle (they do not read long instructions) .
    – People use applications on the fly without stockpiling local installed applications.
    – People can change their application provider like an utility provider: not often but they have the option

… will lead to changes in business software practices as well

I make the prediction, that these points will make their way into business applications too. That’s the same way how people once learned to use local WYSIWIG-text processors on their PC and that knowledge pushed away in most enterprises Unix-based text-processors with dot-formatting commands in the nineties.
So for business software we can expect with some time delay the same practice behaviors as in consumer markets:

    – People will increasingly expect a easier use of business applications without huge learning curves.
    – It-departments will get rid of the local installation mess and tend to utility-like application use
    – Even business applications will get a smarter look and feel

I would not wonder if big software companies get a unwell feeling when they look at smart web companies like Google, Amazon and Ebay and the whole bunch of upcoming web 2.0 companies and then have a look at their own software. Even Microsoft created hastily a so called “windows live” online tool collection. There is a potential out for a complete rearrangement of the whole software market. Just try to imagine, that Google indeed comes over with a cheap Googlebox with a simple own operating system, just enough to run a browser. Try to imaging, what you can do and what not with that Googlebox. I think even today the “do’s” are more than the “not do’s”.
It’s just a thought….

remark: that article was previous released in my former blog “Sqpi’s World”

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